Hot Tomato get Kim K Back on Her Feet

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A great ‘seize the moment’ piece of content this week from Hot Tomato’s ‘Flan & Emily Jade’ on the Gold Coast.
With Kim Kardashian being robbed of $16m worth of jewellery in her Paris hotel room, the Hot Tomato Breakfast team decided to help out someone in need.
They launched their show on Tuesday morning by kicking off a ‘GoFundMe’ page, with the intention to raise $16m for Kim Kardashian by 9am, to allow her to replace her jewellery and get back on her feet financially. 

Unfortunately, the target amount of $16m wasn’t reached by 9am, falling just a touch short, with the grand total being $700.
With the target amount not being obtained, all the money was given to Gold Coast charity ‘Rosies’, who feed homeless people on the Coast. So whilst Kimmy K may have to fend for herself financially, Rosie’s was happy.

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