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A daytime announcer from UK radio station 'Pulse', has caused a bit of controversy after he posted an internal email from his boss on Facebook.

Danny Mylo was told by Acting PD, Craig Beck, not to change the music.

His post started with "Ahh crap." and then had a screen shot of the email, which said…

“For the avoidance of any doubt you are not to delete the music I have selected and replace it with your own choice. This particularly applies to Gangnam Style… if I hear this again this week we’re going to have a problem”.

Comments on the post were a mixture between laughing at Danny’s actions and insulting “the boss”. His page has over 15,000 likes and the reaction so far stands at over 300.

Speaking to RadioToday UK, Craig Beck said…

“Danny is one of the most talented and exciting presenters in the country, sometimes he’s a bit cheeky and he needs his chain yanking."

Asked if he’ll be receiving another email asking him to be in his office first thing, he said: “I’ll be talking to him further regarding the seriousness of making private emails public, but I won’t be doing it on email!”

See more of this story, and the email itself, at Radio Today UK here

We all know making private emails public is a social media no no, especially when it's from your boss, so what we'd like to know in a quick poll is…

Have you ever changed a music log and played one of your faves ?

Vote here and tell us your story below…

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