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In 2013, Hamish & Andy will move to 4pm – 6pm Monday's and 9am – 10am Tuesday to Friday's across the Today network.

Fifi & Jules move to Tuesday to Friday's 4pm – 6pm.

Hear the announcement…

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Head of Content for SCA, Craig Bruce, has told Radio Today:

"The thing with the guys is they were keen to get involved more next year. They came to us with a concept. We are working our way through exactly what it’s going to sound like on-air next year but as a concept, to have listeners come to us in breakfast and stay for the workday for Hamish & Andy is exciting.

We’ve got a very good topline notion of the plans for the new show but it’s a totally new concept.

I actually caught up with Andy during the week on the development of the show, it’s going to be really, really exciting – something completely different to what they’ve done in drive.

To have them involved more with SCA next year is obviously really exciting. We’ve had a long and really successful partnership with them and we’re pumped to have them back and doing more next year."

Radio Today: It's obviously early stages in working out the logistics but how do you see it working across the group ?

"You’ve got stations like 2Day FM where Kyle and Jackie O don’t finish at 9 o’clock. The breakfast shows will run through til whatever time it runs through to and following that The Hamish & Andy show will happen directly off the back of it."

Sounds like the Hamish & Andy morning show may be pre-recorded, which would make it more flexible for each local market to deliver.

Speaking of the drive move, Hamish and Andy said, “After two years of Fridays, we are honoured to accept the promotion to Mondays. Hopefully, with a good performance, we can graduate to Tuesdays by the year 2034 with the goal of being promoted to Wednesdays [the most difficult radio day as everyone knows] when we hit our early 60s.”

Of their new morning show, they said, “From Tuesday to Friday, when people get to work around 9am, we encourage them to take the first hour off! It just makes sense to tune in and cover off pressing issues with us because it's impossible to work when you have questions relating to dogs, lasers or amateur space travel on your mind. These topics will hopefully be covered in the next 24 months and we might also have time to address other things as well.”

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