Hadley threatens to sue ABC

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2GB's Ray Hadley has threatened legal action against the ABC Media Watch program.

Hadley's threats are based on his belief that Media Watch has implied that he is a 'bully', and he has put the ABC on notice that he will sue them for defamation if he believes they cross the line.

Speaking on-air this morning Hadley said;

"Do your job with fervour, as no doubt you do, but be careful (because) others are listening to you as you are listening to me.

 And in future if you wish to find out anything about me, don't ring my former colleagues at 2UE and ask them do they know anything about me and bullying because it comes straight back to me."

"And if you continue along this vein I will sue you for defamation. I put you on notice now, I will sue you for defamation. I hope that's clear.''

Hadley had started his venting by outlining an on-air content piece involving a caller asking about how she could place a bet on the NRL Grand Final, saying that he had inside information that Media Watch believed that they had 'got him for non disclosure'. This was the catalyst for his threats.

Hadley commented "Media Watch over the years has done some magnificent work but I'm afraid that much of what goes to air I couldn't give a tinker's cuss about and nor could the majority of the people watching your program.

"I am quite happy to take Mr Holmes's emails……and answer them in a polite fashion because they're always directed to me in a polite fashion. So my dealings with Media Watch will be exclusively with Mr Holmes".

Hear the full audio below;


VIDEO: 2GB&ampamprsquos Ray Hadley takes on Media Watch

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