Good Charlotte serenade in Sydney

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The beer sector is, in my view, the one category that consistently provides exceptional creative concepts executed brilliantly. Remember 'it's a big ad'? Amazing.

The latest campaign from Heineken is a lot simpler, cheaper (presumably), and works on a very powerful emotional level. They have enlisted CHR and Rock radio staples Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte in what is an amazingly simple idea, executed flawlessly. It is 5 minutes long, but well worth watching through.


Whilst it is a video execution, it is not broadcast on any television station, but rather lives completely online and is given life through social sharing, the success of this will be the viral nature of it.

Radio is perfectly positioned to execute ideas like this, providing cross-platform exposure through online, and the airwaves. Whilst it is a shame there is no radio partner (as far as I know!), we should look at a creative idea and execution like this – so perfect in it's simplicity – and be inspired to take radio to greater heights.

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