Fired Radio exec changes locks on building

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In a somewhat amusing story from America, the fired head of a Californian public radio station has changed the locks on the parent company's building, and has been sleeping inside in protest over her sacking.

Summer Reese was the Executive Director of Pacifica Foundation Radio in Berkeley, California which operates KFPA-FM and four other stations across the country.

She was fired on 13 March by the board, and returned to the Pacifica offices on 17 March, changed the locks, and has barricaded herself in the offices.

Board Chairperson Margy Wilkinson has told All Access; "We have no idea what's going on over there, they've been sleeping there 24-7 as far as I know.".
Reese' mother, Geneva Reese, is also sleeping in the Pacifica offices, which are next door to the radio station. There are mattresses lined up in the corridors, and Geneva Reese has she said that she was there to support her daughter and to; "hold down the fort and keep out the enemies."
Summer Reese claims that she was fired a month into a 3-year contract and given no reason for her dismissal.
Wilkinson has said that the Board is exploring legal action to have Reese removed from the office.
Reese said; "I care about this organization and they want to destroy it, I have a fiduciary duty to stay around and it will fall apart if I am not here."
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