Fifi Box in bed with The Hoff

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We couldn't resist the headline.

Fifi & Jules have a regular segment on their show called the 'Blackout Challenge', where one of the pair (or both) have all their senses blacked our and are placed in an unusual situation.

Fifi, who is currently 7 months pregnant, was put through the raunchiest challenge so far by Jules, placing her in bed with David Hasselhoff. You can see the video and pics below.

Stripping down to his underwear, The Hoff lay in wait for Fifi as she was was put in the bed. With Fifi’s blindfold still on, he then proceeded to serenade her, while stroking her arm – and stroking her pregnant tummy.

Midway through the challenge, Jules came into the room to 'rescue' Fifi from The Hoff this making this the first 'blackout challenge' to be abandoned mid-challenge.



See all the pictures below;

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