Did MMM give the million away?

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Radio promotions where a listener has the chance at a million dollars are not unusual, and sometimes they even go off despite the standard odds that the insurance companies require to keep the premiums down.

Exhibit A: 2Day FM, and exhibit B: Fox Fm with their respective 'head in the sand' promotions. 

Triple M Sydney was the latest to join the million dollar club this week with their 'Million Dollar Kick'. Did listener Sean Vanderhoning win the million bucks ?

Watch the video to see how it ended.




Sean had two options. He could choose to kick from the sideline for a million bucks, or from directly in front for 250 grand.

And there was, courtesy of the insurance requirements, a further step. He had to choose the right ball from the 10 available, with one of those representing the cash amount.

Sean chose the 250k kick, and as the video shows, didn't quite make it, but still scored 10 grand for his efforts.


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