Daisy: “….cheeky, politically incorrect and a rebel to the very end”

Sean Craig Murphy and David Daisy Day

There are plenty of people who are much better friends of Daisy and who knew him much longer than I did, but that’s the thing about Daisy he made everyone feel like you were his best friend.

I actually got to know Daisy much more in the last few years since I proudly took over the Australian Radio School that he established 15 years ago.

And despite his ill health he still taught one module in every 12 week INTRO course we did over the last 5 years. Never missed a session no matter how sick he was, and there were days when he was extremely unwell.

He was passionate about radio to the very end, the consummate storyteller. And the students loved him and hung onto every word.

Make no mistake Daisy was cheeky, politically incorrect and a rebel to the very end, but he had the biggest heart in radio. We all loved that about him.

I’m not going to lie it was tough being on air when we got the news of Daisy’s death this morning, but in a way I’m glad it was me that got to highlight how big that heart of his was.

Sean Craig Murphy:

Sean is the ACD and Creative Content Specialist for Triple M Adelaide. He also owns the Australian Radio School, the very school that David Day launched some 15 years ago into Adelaide.   

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