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Ryan Jon currently hosts Ryan & Rosie, the networked breakfast show on SCA’s Hot FM WA. He started working in radio 3 years ago and like many other new announcers, has worked in multiple regional radio stations.

When Radio Today asked what he’s learned, he gave us these 10 responses.

1. Despite modest to moderate pay cheques … Everyone will assume you’re mega rich.

2. Don’t take your wireless microphone with you to the bathroom at an OB.

You might not be on air, but the panel op shouldn’t have to hear you pooping.

3. You’ll get in trouble with listeners for doing something bad.

“What you said about that thing was really inappropriate”. 

But sadly, you’ll also get trouble with listeners when you do something good. “Trust you guys to help that family in that suburb and not our family in our suburb.”

4. You should already know that sleeping with colleagues is a bad idea but extend that out a bit.

Think twice before getting cosy with clients, local council members, someone importants granddaughter or your co-host’s roommate.

5. Doing Your Time in regional radio means finding your voice, taking feedback and making improvements.

It doesn’t mean just sitting and waiting for Craig Bruce to call you and offer you your dream job and a million dollars.

(If I’m wrong- and I could be – then Craig, 0499 777 932)

6. Be careful saying anything about anyone else’s job on air; because … “What would you know about being a carpenter?”

But everyone is a radio expert and will always tell you how to do yours.

7. You might think you’re a big deal in your small town but still, you’re probably not really a big deal.

For instance, since the 5th thing you’ve had my mobile number and you don’t care or ever intend on calling it.

8. Harvey Norman

9. If you host the breaky show and DJ at the local night club weird girls will try weird things.

10. Ask for what you want and take care of yourself.

The companies are great and your manager’s awesome but they can’t help you if they don’t know what you want.

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