Crocmedia wages revealed: Hutchison pockets $944,752

New documents filed by Crocmedia to the Australian Stock Exchange reveal the six-figure salaries of its senior executives.

While those documents have since been removed, they’ve now been published by News Corp and they’re an eye-opener.

The salaries of Crocmedia’s top 20 executives include the financial arrangements of managing director Craig Hutchison, who recently became chief executive and managing director of Pacific Star Network; the owner of Melbourne Sports broadcaster 1116 SEN.

Hutchison’s salary comes in at $944,752 and includes a potential $61,000 bonus, while former AFL executive Richard Simkiss pockets $390,000 as Crocmedia’s new group business director.

Phew. But wait, there’s more.

Former Channel 9 programming boss Tim Cleary is being paid $410,000 and Crocmedia’s Chris Giannopoulos is on a base of $430,000, with a bonus potential of $50,000.

It goes to show that there is money to be made in sport, even if you’re not putting your body on the line in the field of sports.

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16 Apr 2018 - 7:06 am

Sorry, there’s not money to be made in this. Just wait. Let’s have a look at this in 2 years time. Also, a tip for employees of SEN – make sure you check your text messages as you don’t want to miss the inevitable!

Adam S
15 Apr 2020 - 12:25 am

Mr. Anonymous seems you were spot on!!!


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