Craig Bruce: ‘Triple M finding its place in the game’

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Here's what Craig Bruce, Head of Content at Southern Cross Austereo, had to say about survey 3 for the Today and Triple M network.

Mark: Let's start with today's Triple M result.

Craig: 2MMM is flat from a 10+ perspective but The Grill Team has gone from a 6.2 to a 6.9 and ahead of Fitzy & Wippa. We're also a clear #1 25-39 as we are in Melbourne and Merrick & The Highway Patrol up a half point so whilst the overall is flat, our Monday – Friday figure is a 7 now.

It’s just a great story for 2MMM, and I’ve just spoken to The Grill Team, we’ve taken that from a 2.5 to where it is now and it’s taken a long time as all good breakfast shows do. You have to be patient and spend the time and develop the sound that you are looking to create. I’m so pleased for everyone that’s worked so hard on that show for such a long period of time. It now has a place in that marketplace, that is really hard to do, to find a position that you can own and dominate.

Through 4 years of hard work we’re moving towards that place where we are a breakfast show that men in Sydney can get their heads around. It’s exciting for the team. Everyone works hard around the country, regardless of the company – ARN, dmg – everyone works hard at their craft and it’s always good to see the end result come through. So for 2MMM and for 3MMM as well there’s an incredible story.

3MMM was a 3.5 share 3 years ago and I remember Eddie (McGuire) coming together with us and gathering us in the product team area. We formed a semi-circle around him. Kind of like Collingwood down by 10 points at halftime in a Grand Final and he talked about what he was going to do with the show and where he was going to take it and his vision. He has delivered, and of course with a number of people, obviously Mick and Luke with Eddie is a great combination and we have an amazing backend, Jay Mueller and Lisa Hind and so well programmed by Fitzy.

We’ve had a strategy to work that 25-39 audience a little harder this year and the numbers speak for themselves. In Sydney and Melbourne we’re a clear #1, Brisbane we continue to grow. The Triple M strategy is really exciting for all of us, it’s a hard format to work but we feel it’s starting to find its place in the game.

I guess the next step is what do we do to return it to iconic status and that’s our next challenge on Triple M.

Mark: And your feelings on the Today result ?

We were apprehensive going into today. Sydney and Melbourne were both close and remain close and the market has certainly tightened. There are a lot of really good FM stations in both of those markets but to see a bounce back for 2Day 10+ and a really good steady bounce back for Fox is icing on the cake for us today.

Mark: SAFM looks to be growing slowly out of breakfast ?

Craig: Flat overall. Breakfast is growing. Nova have had a terrific result in breakfast and well done to them. But we’re really confident with the show that we’ve got (Michael, Hayley & Burgo). They’re an excellent team. We’re 3 months in, Nova’s 3 months in, but I don’t think that’s the end of it.

Also B105 was very good. We were hopeful we may have been able to break out of the pack but at least we’re well within the 4 stations that are 1.5 of each other. We certainly had a very good day on 4MMM today, steady on B105 and the Brisbane market is in much better shape for us this year than it was this time last year. We’re confident about the year ahead.


** at the time of speaking to Craig the Perth result was yet to be released **

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