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Radio Today believes in free speech, however we don’t believe in abuse of free speech. This applies to us as directors, and you as contributors. Our policies around this are:


  • All opinion-based content pieces that are published on Radio Today will always identify the author. Should you have an alternate perspective, we are always prepared to offer right of reply.


  • Radio Today operates a ‘pre-moderation’ policy regarding comments. This is not done to control the conversation, but rather to ensure we do not place ourselves at legal risk. We will not publish comments that, in our view, place us in such a situation. Furthermore we reserve the right to edit comments to remove any risk.


  • Radio Today will not publish comments that take a needlessly aggressive position. Our view is that whilst conversation can sometimes be heated and inspire robust debate, blatant abuse of another person is not acceptable.


  • When you place a comment you will have the option to remain anonymous. This is to allow you to contribute to a conversation without concern of damaging your present, or potential, employment situation should you believe expressing your opinion may do. We would of course prefer that you put your name to your opinion.


  • Any comments that are critical of an individual in a personal or overtly agressive way are unlikely to be deemed suitable for publication, however if they are reagrded as suitable, they will only be published when the person commenting has put their name to the comment.


  • Radio Today also operates a pre-moderation policy with Twitter. This is to protect the company from legal risk.


Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us here.



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