Christian O’Connell’s billboard campaign showcases the heroes of Melbourne


Earlier this week, The Christian O’Connell Show on Melbourne’s Gold 104.3 announced the WIN A BILLBOARD campaign, an inclusive marketing campaign that champions the listeners and conversations of Melburnians.

With 100 billboards live across Melbourne, each billboard can be updated in ‘real time’ throughout the course of the show, giving listeners the opportunity to be able to display their personal message during the show and beyond.

Whether it be a proposal, a welcome home message or a reminder for a family member, Melburnians are invited to participate. Listeners can call the show directly, or alternatively use the QR codes that have been set up around the city to send their messages in.

Christian says “It’s an idea I’ve wanted to do for a few years and every show right now is like Christmas Day when I was 10 years old, and I’ve got a new shiny toy that Melbourne gets to play with. I can’t wait to find out what message someone wants and how we can help them.”

“I love trying to break new ground and surprise our audience in the morning and sticking to safe and predictable radio is for other shows who want to do the secret sound.”

The show’s foundations are centred around the stories and inclusion of their listeners.

Designed to spark curiosity, the goal of this highly targeted campaign is to capitalise on capturing new listeners.

Lauren Joyce, ARN Chief Strategy & Connections Officer says “It is important for us to use our marketing to engage audiences in the same way that the content we are promoting does.”

“The heroes of the Christian O’Connell Show are the people of Melbourne.”

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Maria Dzanovski
8 Feb 2023 - 5:32 pm

More awareness for preeclampsia
Save our Mummy’s and their Precious premature Babies

Indelible Love – Archie

Debbie Green
10 Feb 2023 - 6:48 pm

Hi Christian
my 30 year old son is a Melbourne entertainer with a difference, and his girlfriend 35 is also an entertainer. Both doing different types, but they are together in a new gig they have up and running as Nathan my son as a Krab known as Krustopher the Krab, or a Surf Life Saving volunteer with his girlfriend who is a fully fledged real life mermaid. Her tail was especially made in America and cost her over $3,000. She is one of only two Mermaids in Victoria, and the only one with a side kick as Krustpopher. Both have their own websites Mirra Moonwater Mermaid…
Nathan and Tess are both very experienced and fun loving entertainers for all ages.
I can just see a huge billboard of Mirra Moonwater Mermaid and Pureimaginathan doing their thing up n the big screen. Not only will it help advertise their fun businesses, that have a different edge to most entertainers, something fresh and lively, tailored to the needs of the customer but I believe just their colorful presence up on the screen will bring smiles to drivers passing or stuck in traffic. We all need a good laugh.
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