Can Jonesy & Amanda be silent for 4 hours?

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For the past week, Jonesy & Amanda have been debating over who talks the most during a show (and off air too), so at 9:30 this morning the WSFM breakfast duo entered the Cone of Silence room.

The stunt will see them stay in the same small room for 4 hours without making a sound.

Watch the live stream HERE and below see the rules they must follow and the challenge they must complete if they fail.

The Rules

1. NO talking, laughing, snorting or making other sounds.

2. ACCIDENTAL bodily function noises are allowed – please try to minimise them.

3. You are to bring NOTHING with you into the Cone of Silence – no phones, no books, no pens. NOTHING.

4. No alternative forms of communication are allowed eg; writing, sign language, or charades

5. Under no circumstances are they allowed to tamper with or touch any equipment in the room. TAMPERING = TALKING.

6. Lunch will be provided – you may eat it at any time you wish, but it is the only food you will have for the entire 4 hours.

7. They may exit the Cone of Silence room to use the bathroom – however they must wear the toilet sign around their neck and MUST remain silent during your toilet break.

8. They must remain SILENT NO MATTER WHO or WHAT enters the room.

9. The first person to break the Cone of Silence will be subject to the following punishment;

Amanda: During tomorrow’s show, must do an entire segment on ‘Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the Fastest Growing Recreational Sport in the World.’

Jonesy: During tomorrow’s show, must do an entire segment on ‘Why my idea of a perfect day involves some retail therapy and lunch at a dingy bell café.’

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