Brig Duclos’ Rubik’s Cube nightmare

Staff Writer

This morning, Brig Duclos was locked in a room with nothing but bread, water and an unsolved Rubik’s Cube.

The Gold 104.3 breakfast co-host had to solve the puzzle, while listening to Huey Lewis’ Hip to be Square on repeat, to be let out.

The challenge was a part of Brig and Lehmo’s Gender Warfare and was set after the ladies lost 20 games.

After nearly five hours, and after getting some tips from a member of Speed Cubing Australia, Duclos finally had all the coloured squares of the Rubik’s Cube lined up neatly.

An exhausted Duclos said: “I would rather be thrown into a lion’s den than face the torture that is the Rubik’s Cube ever again and despite what Huey Lewis told me, over and over again, one thing I now know for sure is – it is NOT hip to be square.”

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