Fifi Box confronts Brendan Fevola over ‘addiction’ to Call of Duty

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Fox FM’s Breakfast show has revealed some sad statistics about Brendan Fevola, disclosing he has spent 557 hours playing Call Of Duty since he took to the video game less than six months ago.

Co-host Fifi Box calculated this equates to 23.2 days of playing the game non-stop.

Nick Cody, meanwhile, calculated that with 204 professional AFL games under his belt, Fevola had actually spent more time on COD than on the ground.

Box uncovered the statistics via a COD app, which allows people to find the numbers on any player.

Perhaps more concerning than his dedication to the game, was his poor performance at it.

Box told the Fox FM Breakfast audience that Fevola had made 2,870 ‘kills’ in the war game, but had been killed 6,650 times – not a “flattering statistic”.

In 2,550 matches, he’s won 28 times – a success rate of just 1%.

“It’s so hard to win,” Fevola admitted.

Box said Fevola was making “some life choices you might want to reflect on”.

You can catch the whole segment below.

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