Bill Lawry would be proud!

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This afternoon sees the culmination of a two-week story arc on Nova's national drive show, 'Kate, Tim & Marty', as they hold the ultimate great pigeon migration.

Eight pigeons, each temporarily 'owned' by a Nova listener will compete in the race, with one listener winning a trip to Africa.

Grant Denyer will host the race, and make the determination as to which pigeon crosses the finishing line in first place, he commented:

“I've raced V8's at Bathurst, Porsches in Germany & bungee jumped from a helicopter for a Guinness World Record. But this Friday my life will be complete, as Pigeon Ringmaster for the greatest ever race in Australian sporting history. It's a proud day."

"With so much at stake, so much pressure, anything can happen. Direction, distance… this isn't just a race or a competition, it's a lottery.".

Kate, Tim and Marty added, “We haven’t done any of the things Grant has done but we couldn’t agree more, it’s a proud day for us too.”

The story arc has run over a fortnight, and listeners have been awarded the right to name and temporarily a pigeon to compete in the race. The names themselves are amusing:

  • Sirpoopsalot
  • 50 Feathers of Grey
  • Flap Caviar
  • Forrest Plump
  • Luke Skysqualker
  • Bird Newton
  • Lord of the Wings
  • and Alice Swooper

The race will run for 21 kilometres, and there will be a DJI F450 Drone with an upgraded motor, fitted with a DJI Zenmuse h2 2d for go pro 3 specialist camera, to provide a true pigeon’s eye view of the competition. Nova anticipate the race to take 15-30 minutes, depending on headwinds.

The race will commence just after 5pm today, with the winner crowned at 6pm.


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