Big star RSVPs YES to Fifi’s 21st

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Fifi Box never celebrated her 21st birthday.

The year was 1998 and Box said she didn’t have a party because she was worried no-one would turn up.

Fast forward to 2014 and the Fox FM team is hosting a 1998-themed party organized by Dave Thornton.

Fifi’s 21st will be held on Monday June 16 and, this morning, Box found out there will be a very special guest at the event.

Kylie Minogue!

Box was in disbelief when she got the news and Minogue asked: “How are your last few days of being 20?”

Box replied: “Kyles, I am savouring them. I'm getting my head around this maturity thing and becoming an adult and, I have to say, if I had actually thought or fathomed in 1998 that Kylie Minogue would even consider coming to my 21st, it would have blown my tiny mind.

The party will also feature CDB (remember Let’s Groove Tonight?), who will reform for the night, and DJ John Course.

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