Bec Judd reveals why she’s leaving KIIS’ 3PM Pick Up

Former Editor & Content Director

Bec Judd has appeared on KIIS FM’s 3PM Pick Up this afternoon to speak to the audience about why she’s not returning to the show next year.

In response to today’s news that Judd is being replaced on the program by radio veteran and former ARN talent Kate Langbroek, Judd said “it’s been one of those years”.

“It’s been one of those years, a COVID year, where we’ve spent so much time at home and as a family, we’ve just really kind of reprioritised what we’re doing and I did mention to you guys, this is the first time since [husband] Chris finished football, which would have been back I think in 2015, that we haven’t had any commitments. So straight from footy into lots of media, lots of commitments, and this year’s taught us that we just kind of want to take a step back and not really have those weekly commitments. So he’s not doing radio anymore. I’m not doing radio anymore,” she said.

Judd’s husband, Chris finished his professional AFL career playing for Carlton in 2015. Since then, he has appeared on Triple M, and the couple have become almost permanent tabloid fodder.

Late last year, their house party, dubbed ‘Juddchella’ was subject to some online backlash due to its extravagance.

Judd’s parties for her children have previously been the subject of similar criticism.

On the radio this afternoon, she noted that the family’s “golden years” are rapidly slipping away.

“So we’ve got a lot of freedom in our schedule, and we’re very lucky to have that, but I’ve got such a young family. My twins start at school not next year but the year after. I’ve got one year left at home with them, and we just really wan to, as a family, really make the most of those golden years,” she said.

Judd said she and Chris, like so many other families, had come to the decision during lockdown, to re-evaluate their lives, where they’re going, and what they’re doing.

“We’ve seen so many big changes in lots of people’s lives, and this is ours. It might not be forever, but I’m so looking forward to just having a bit of a different yea next year, at home, and enjoying that family time,” she said.

She’s not, however, completely disappearing from the spotlight.

“I’m still doing all of my stuff with my brand, really ramping up Jaggad. So I’m not going anywhere, but we just won’t have those media commitments for the next little while … But maybe I’ll be back after that. We’ll see,” she said, before adding that her replacement, Langbroek is “an absolute coup” for the network.

“We love Kate. Such a legend,” she added.

Co-host Monty Dimond said Judd’s decision was courageous.

“I think it’s courageous when you get a job like this to actually walk away, because as you said, it’s a great job and we’ve had so much fun. So I know that was a big decision for you to do.”

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Rod Prendergast
24 Nov 2020 - 5:46 pm

#Leftards everywhere in radio. Thats why she quit and good on her. Have a look at the current socialist swill invading our airwaves..thats why!

Pete T
24 Nov 2020 - 11:24 pm

Thank FUCK for that! The less we’re forced to endure some nobody who’s only popularity is due to hooking up with a (now ex) footballer the better! And as for Kate replacing her, how’s that going to sound on air when Monty seems like such a Langbroek clone they’re virtually identical? Don’t get me wrong, Kate and Monty are both great operators, but is it going to work?

Seriously, though – and looking at things a bit deeper – ARN really need to reassess their 1500> lineup. Lame, pre-recorded, cliche “mummy show” followed by an even more lame-arse drive show with Wilted and Woodduck?! GIMME A BREAK!! I’d give Monty or Kate a REAL stab in the daypart, rather than the crappy crumbs they’ve got now. Just not sure they’d work together given their almost identical sound and style.

And people slag off at SCA for their decisions over 2DAY breakfast! (No, I DON’T work for SCA!!)

25 Nov 2020 - 10:53 pm

As someone in 3PM’s intended audience of listeners – ie a mum rushing to school pickup with the car radio on – this show is so not hitting the mark. It sounds like they don’t care if they’re there or not and seems like they’re not researching or preparing much at all. It’s lazy radio. Just random ramblings and then saying kids riddles? Mums are smart and funny and interesting.

Talking to friends about this show they say the same – hosts aren’t relatable (Kate sounds like a good edition but can we get some other new interesting mums to work with her?)
There’s an equal sadness about Will and Woody who follow 3PM. W&W have great social media vids that make them appear fab but when you actually listen live you just think…how can I be the target listener for this? If you’re targeting women, please please please get some more women on that team and have them regularly contributing on the show.
Come on KIIS. Shake things up and connect with the mid 30s and up women hoping for some better listening next year!


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