Attack of the ladybirds at South Australian radio tower

Something on a biblical scale has struck the Mt Burr radio tower in remote South Australia and it everyone scratching their head looking for answers.

It’s not the proverbial ‘plague of locusts’, but a swarm of ladybirds. Millions of them have literally descended on the tower, puzzling scientists and locals alike.

Located 12 kilometres from the town of Millicent, the Mt Burr tower services the south-east of the state. It’s also an area the ladybirds have been flocking to for years.

But this time there are more of them and are showing no sign of ‘flying away home’ any time soon. The bug experts believe they may be attracted by a scent or favour it as a breeding ground protected from predators.

Local Steve Chapple has posted pictures of the ladybird infested site, which he says is now attracting a few tourists, despite a rather off-putting smell from the dead bugs.

So far, it’s believed the ladybird infestation has not affected radio or TV services in the region.

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