Ash & Gawndy broadcast live from the Sunrise window

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Ash and Gawndy have always wondered what would happen if you put someone recognisable in front of Channel 7’s Sunrise window, and yesterday morning they embarked on a top secret mission to get there themselves.

The 101.3 SEA FM Breakfast duo positioned themselves right behind David Koch and Samantha Armitage, and in a strange twist of fate were joined by a flash mob from UNSW.

The Sunrise hosts were deeply confused about what was happening, as they recognised former MKR contestant Ash and turned around – in a radio first that saw her and Gawndy appear simultaneously on live television and radio.

Following the successful stunt the SEA FM phones were flooded with callers calling in to congratulate the duo on their mission, and to give Ash kudos for her dance moves behind the window.

Ash and Gawndy attempted to get back in the spotlight one more time, only to be informed by their producer that Sunrise was currently on an ad break.

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23 Feb 2018 - 1:49 pm

This is damn good content. Didn’t need to tee up anything and good content for an entire brekkie show. Good shit guys!


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