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April 1st, the day to play the fool. What did you get up to? Already a bunch of stations got away some pranks, below are few already.

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Hit104.7 Mirco Dolphins? #WTF

Ryan Jon at hit104.7 got Tanya Hennessy good. Ryan got Tanya to read a heap of ad’s for fake businesses – they started airing and Tanya lost it. Take a look.

Tanya Gets Pranks

Who wants a MICRO DOLPHIN as a pet?Ryan Jon gets Tanya Hennessy real good !!!#AprilFools #Prank

Posted by Hit104.7 on Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hitz 939 Bundaberg’s Bryce & Trace – give away the station promo car

Hitz 939 Bundaberg’s Bryce & Trace lined up the dealership manager from Bundaberg Motor Group  to say they’re happy to give away the Hitz Machine promo car because they we’re getting a new one.

The team announced it as an April Fool’s joke at 11:55am on Facebook Live and on air with our morning announcer.


#BryceandTrace live in the office

Posted by Hitz939 Bundaberg on Thursday, March 31, 2016




Mix102.3 Jodie & Soda – Not the Adelaide Oval?

This morning on Mix 102.3, Jodie & Soda set up that Adelaide Oval, the sacred turf for AFL and Cricket has about to lose its historic heritage scoreboard, Moreton Bay figs and the iconic grass hill.

Jodie & Soda revealed the next stage of planning at Adelaide Oval would feature a new improved Northern Grandstand providing an extra 7,000 seats for sporting and entertainment events as well as boosting South Australia’s economy.

Callers flooded both Mix and the Adelaide Oval reception, venting their frustration and anger, and there were more than 600 comments on Facebook within the hour, slamming the proposed move.  

Jodie and Soda had some high profile friends in on the gag early who phoned up the station. Minister for Tourism and Recreation and Sport, Leon Bignell and even Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch: “I’m absolutely shocked at this, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think that for once economic rationalism, the financial argument, has got to be overturned by the history, the culture… I can’t believe Leon and if goes way up to the Big Kahuna Jay Weatherill, both lifelong Port Adelaide supporters, wouldn’t realise that this goes against what we stand for. That hill is Port Adelaide, that is who we are, that’s the beating heart of Adelaide Oval. That’s what makes it different to a concrete, shallow stadium like the MCG. The hill says South Australia. Nope, over my dead body”.


ZM: The April Fools Prank A Year in the Making


ZM’s Breakfast team of  Fletch, Vaughan and Megan’s, offer up dares to anyone who can name the price they will do it for, then the calls flood in for who will do it for less. This morning Fletch, Vaughan and Megan offered 10k to have your toe removed, then surgically re-attached. “Riley” took it on for 5K.

Fletch, Vaughan and Megan’s prank didn’t work out as an incident went down for real, well so they thought – the twist for Drive’s Jase and PJ – they got own back on Fletch, Vaughan and Megan’s after last year’s prank being on them.


And last year pranks on PJ and Jase



Spirit 1260 – Running of the Bulls in Karratha?

Pablo Newton Farley tricked the listeners of Spirit 1260 Karratha into believing that the main street of town was going to be redesigned to include a Cattle Yard, slap bang  opposite their  new Arts Precinct. The news didn’t go down well.

Nick Wharton was in on the act including it into his news story


SEA FM Mackay’s Jay & Dav e – What Notification?

The boys at SEA FM Mackay did a ripper job. For Three solid hours, a Facebook notication kept going to air and the caller kept on coming in – let alone actualy posts to Sea Facebook page. Nice Work!


WSFM Jonesy & Amanda – The BTag

This morning WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda announced news that Sydneysiders would soon be hit with more tolls with every bridge from the ANZAC Bridge though to Tom Ugly’s Bridge.

The announcement came off the back of a new ad from The Department of Future Infrastructure the station ran explaining why the tolls were being introduced and a website http://bridgethegap.sydney/ explaining that all road users (including bicycle riders) in Sydney will be required to pay a road toll when crossing most bridges in the greater Sydney region.

Motorists would also be required to purchase a new Bridge Toll Tag, or ‘B Tag’ that will automatically charge the nominated amount, and must be fitted to the windshield exactly 50 centimetres to the right of any existing E Tag or a double fee will be incurred.

Not even the BTag which feature the Pure Gold Logo on the actual unit gave it away.


92.7 Mix FM: Sunny Coast Outrage

Scratch a Sunshine Coaster and you get a fiercely parochial lover of all that is unique about the area.  What happens when the new mural at Point Cartwright commissioned by the local Council is changed? With 92.7 MIX FM’s Mark and Caroline Away on April 1st, the “Fill Ins” Justine Veivers and Carlie Wacker asked the question on-air and on Facebook.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work!


HOT FM’s Courtney and Johnno – Backstreet’s Back

During Courtney and Johnno’s breakfast show on HotFM Mackay they played, literally, nothing but Backstreet Boys’ songs from 6.30am to 8.30am and announced them as other songs.






Power FM Bega’s – The Big Breakky and that Ring Tone

Power FM Bega’s,  The Big Breakky with Crystal and Chris have been On-Air together for only a month  but they managed to piss of the entire Far South Coast with their April Fools Day Prank.

For their entire 3 hour show they had a phone ringing in the background of every  break. Crystal told us:

“We did, and it drove our listeners bonkers!

“Chris and I managed to keep a straight face and only revealed our sneaky secret in the last half hour of the show”.

“Annoying? Yes… but hey! We certainly got the whole far south coast talking!”





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