Amazon’s new streaming music service

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Radio Today Director Brad March recently explained Everything You Wanted to Know About Radio Streamers But Were Too Afraid to Ask.

Since then, there's been a new developement with Amazon launching a streaming music service for its Prime customers.

The subscription called Prime Music offers unlimited, ad-free streaming over a million songs.

It’s a free service with Amazon Prime and it looks like this

The Huffington Post reported the company was trying to give customers all the reason it could to buy Amazon Prime.

But was the recent Amazon Prime price hike (an increase from US$99 to US$79) worth it?

HP tended to think not and said: "It may take a while for Amazon to convince Prime members to give up their iTunes or Pandora habits. Nineteen percent of Prime members have never used its existing video streaming service, which has been around since 2011."

“Also, 1 million songs may sound like a lot, but Spotify has 20 million songs. Prime Music will not have any music from Universal Music Group, which is the world's biggest music label.”

Buzzfeed also reported that customers wouldn’t be able to hear any songs or albums newer than six months.

According to HP: “Long story short: Don't give up your Spotify account.”


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