Air Check August #1

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Our First Air Check August contributor – prepared to Celebrate Mediocrity is READY!  

We've all been there, so let's share our stuff-ups, the mistakes, the bloopers with the rest of the industry.!  

This is not about how good you sound each and every day – it's about celebrating when things don't go quite right.

Air Check #1:

Tim Lee, now Digital  Content Producer at Mix101.1 – steps up to the mike to present a bit that didn't quite go to plan when on the FOX.

Legend TIm, thanks for sharing!



We want YOU to share a SINGLE break where you just didn't quite nail it.  You stuffed it big time.

It might be a break from your first Air Shift. 

Your News Shift.

Anything you did On-Air – that just went to, well……. sh@t!

Real easy – just email your MP3 or Link to [email protected]


We know you've already celebrated your efforts (many times over) – but your Mediocrity should be rewarded!

You could win some fabulous prizes from our sponsors.



Air Check August is all about celebrating Mediocrity All Month Long – where the Bad is Good!

Who knows, we might just be able to convince someone to open a new category up at the ACRAs.

We'll post them on-site daily (hopefully!)

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