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UPDATED 4.30pm

An increasing number of 2GB advertisers are cancelling their agreements with the station following the fallout from the offensive comments made by Alan Jones (see here).

Often when pressure is brought to bear against sponsors of various shows, this is an orchestrated approach from a vocal minority.

However, this issue clearly goes deeper. Whilst there would undoubtedly be people galvanising support, the depth of anger over Jones' comments is palpable, and understandably so.

One sponsor has reportedly received 2000 emails over the weekend regarding their sponsorship of the Jones program, and there is an online petition with over 8000 signatures calling for all advertisers to cancel their advertising with 2GB. UPDATE: At 4.30pm the petition had over 37,000 signatures (see here)

2GB removed the list of Alan Jones sponsors from their website on Sunday afternoon, presumably to prevent them being inundated with complaints. However, the list of clients cancelling is growing rapidly.

The investment firm Challenger has announced this morning that it has cancelled its advertising contract with 2GB for the Alan Jones show, saying that they had done so in part because they felt the apology was insufficient. In a statement, Challenger said; "They were deeply hurtful comments and we're not sure the apology reflected the degree of offence they would have caused"

Freedom Furniture has also withdrawn all advertising from the program, saying to their Twitter followers; "You spoke, we listened, we do not support the comments made by Alan Jones. We have pulled our advertising off air."

Mercedes-Benz said in a statement announcing the cancellation of their 2GB advertising that the decision was ''made with immediate effect due to the inappropriate remarks made by by Alan Jones''.

Air conditioning company JJ Metro West have cancelled their marketing in the Alan Jones program. Managing Director John Megalli commented;"We disagree 100 per cent with what Alan Jones said and we have already contacted the station with our concerns about the comments. We are not boycotting 2GB, but we will definitely be pulling out our advertising with Alan Jones."

Dilmah Tea have dropped their advertising from the program saying that 'we have suspended our support (for the Alan Jones show)'.

Woolworths have also announced that they have withdrawn all advertising from the Alan Jones program, making the following comments on their Facebook page; "To be clear, we do not and have not recently sponsored this program,"from time to time we have had advertising during this program, however, this morning we have made a decision to suspend this advertising."

Woolworths are involved a little deeper than some companies as the Head of Government Affairs for Woolworths, Simon Berger, was the MC for the event where Jones made the comments. Berger was also the donor of an autographed chaff bag that was auctioned on the night. The company has been swift to distance themselves from the involvement of their employee, going on to say;

"We've acknowledged that a staff member, in a private capacity, attended the Young Liberals function where Mr Jones made some offensive comments about the Prime Minister, Woolworths in no way supports the comments made at that function"

A fortnight ago Lexus of Parramatta cancelled it's advertising when Alan Jones said that women were 'destroying the joint'.

There is a signficant number of regional stations who take the Alan Jones show, repackaged into a one-hour segment, and run during the day. As the long weekend in most states wraps up, we will see if the fallout extends to those stations beyond 2GB.

It appears certain that there will be more cancellations to come. 


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