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Back in 1975 an ABC radio show broke new ground. It was called 'The Coming Out Show' and was a weekly program made by the Australian Women's Broadcasting Cooperative for the UN's International Women's Year.

Over its 20 year history, the show covered topics like abortion law reform, adoptions and many other significant subjects.

Now the ABC have developed a pop-up digital station, 'Coming Out, Again' that will air for 5 days from March 5 on ABC Extra.

Current ABC presenters will look back at the original series and give them a modern day perspective. Hosts will include Rhianna Patrick, Natasha Mitchell, Emma Ayres, Bernie Hobbs and Melanie Tait.

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Some of the ABC staff from 1975.

Back row, left to right:
Cathy Duff, Gillian Waite, Jill Lennon and
Roberta Meilleur. Middle row, left to right:
Jenny Small, Janet Bell, Ingrid Bourke,
Liz Fell. Front: Robin Lee and Sandra Levy.

Source: ABC


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Barbara Huntington
26 Oct 2020 - 3:05 pm

Hi ,
I wonder if someone from the ABC can help.
Comming out Show member Jill Lennon was a teacher at Inverell High School before joining the ABC Coming Out show.
As we re having an Inverell 1965 class reunion in April 2021 we would love to invite Jill along. We cant find any reference to her anywhere and have heard she may have been in a car accident.
Is ther anyone in the ABC who would have any infomation about Jill or suggest where I could find out about her.
Thank you.
Barbara Huntington


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