Abby’s replacement, leave it to the Courier

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Abby from Brisbane’s b105 Labby, Stav and Abby, has set off to have her next baby with her hubby. So that means it's down to Labby and Stav for the moment.

But a Brisbane paper has taken on board selecting Abby’s replacement for the programming team.

Some choices, being a little cheeky.


Here is the Courier Mail’s go at finding Abby’s replacement. 

"Sophie Monk – Obviously, it will be Sophie – she already works for Austereo and she comes from Queensland … and no one is listening to her in Sydney."

"Sammy Power – Frankly, we are shocked that no radio stations have put Ms Power back on the wireless. Silly shortsighted content directors."

"Sarah Harris – When Ten puts that dreadful show Sarah is on out of its misery, B105 should salvage the only decent thing about it. Sarah would be great radio".

"Chrissie Swan – Yes, yes, we know she already has a job for a rival network but, well, she would just be so magnificent on B105. They should poach her".

"Camilla Severi – A bit cheeky, but wouldn’t you love Camilla to be reunited with Labby and Stav for the sake of nostalgia and LOLs. We certainly would."

"Maddi Carter – Seven are taking far too long to find a project for this babe. B105 should definitely snap her up and put her on air. She is too super to not be famous."


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