92.7 MIX FM inches further ahead: Sunshine Coast Survey 1 2023

The Sunshine Coast Survey 1 2023 results have been released, showing 92.7 MIX FM has moved further ahead of other stations with a 0.3 increase to reach a 16.2 share in the 10+. 

10+ Snapshot:

  • 16.2 (+0.3) – 92.7 Mix FM
  • 13.0 (-0.8) – 91.9 Sea FM 
  • 12.6 (+0.5) – Hot91

As a result of changes in the region, trailing stations 91.9 Sea FMHot91 and triple j are now grouped very closely together, with all three stations separated by less than a point.

91.9 Sea FM’s drop of -0.8 moved the station further from the region leader 92.7 MIX FM and closer to Hot91, which replaced triple j as the third station of choice in the region.

triple j has taken a blow, with a -0.4 fall in the 10+ and a whopping -9.7 drop in the 18-24 target demographic. Departing listeners from the demographic appear to have moved to 91.9 Sea FM and Hot91.

In the Cumes, stations with increases include ABC Classic with 4700, 92.7 MIX FM 4000 and Hot91 2800.

Stations will losses in the comes include triple j’s -6200, 91.9 Sea FM -5600 and ABC Sunshine Coast -4000

Find the Sunshine Coast Survey 1 2022 results here.

Find more details from this year’s survey in the tables below.

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13 Sep 2023 - 6:50 pm

Yes….but… 104.9 Sunshine FM is beating both 92.7 Mix FM, 91.9 Sea FM and Hot FM. It’s the number 1 station on the Sunshine Coast…But isn’t counted on the commercial radio survey as it’s a volunteer amateur community station. It’s embarrassing… That a station that 95% voice tracked has overtaken EVERY professional, legitimate commercial radio stations on the Sunshine coast.

Funny that
14 Sep 2023 - 8:14 am

@ Tom – And if it’s not included in this survey, you know it’s beating everyone how?

14 Sep 2023 - 1:13 pm


It’s the most listen to station in the market. The only reason it’s not included in the market is because….the station has a community radio licence.

Terrible CDs smugly laugh off Sunshine FM because it’s a community station. Even though they’re kicking their ass. Sunshine FM has become so profitable…its moved into the same building as Sea FM & Mix FM..to add to their embarrassment. The winning formula Sunshine FM has is no annoying cringey Breakfast and Drive shows. Not hires off Tik tok or ex toasted TV hosts.

They should be looking to what Sunshine FM has done…. but instead they celebrate coming second best to a volunteer amateur community radio station that aimed a retirement homes.

16 Sep 2023 - 8:32 am

Why is Abc Brisbane the only Brisbane station included ? There is good fm coverage of the other Brisbane stations up on the Sunshine Coast


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