ACRA’s Finalists Fever – #14

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Wow… we are just days away from the big night on October 18. We are rolling  the red carpet again this afternoon with RadioToday's ACRA's Finalists Fever 

If you are one of this year's finalists we maybe able to squeeze you in by emailing us here.

Today we shine a spotlight on the best of the best:

Lyndon Smith from 92.7 MIX FM for Best Documentary. Nathan Ryan  from Nova Entertainment for Best Newcomer Off-Air.  Cassie Grentell for Best Promotions Director from Star 104.5.

Lyndon Smith

Best Documentary

Mix FM, Maroochydore QLD, EON Broadcasting

So how long have you been in the biz for now?

I’ve been working in the Australian Radio Industry for nearly 20 years, with commercial radio experience at 5SE/Star FM Mount Gambier, MIX 104.9 Darwin, 2GZ FM Orange, 2AY & The River Albury, to now where I’ve spent the past 3 years at 92.7 MIX FM Sunshine Coast.

Tell us about your ACRAs Entry for Best Documentary; Ajith – My Token Child?

Have you ever experienced hardship and poverty first hand in a third-world country? I honestly hadn’t until I first visited Sri Lanka several years ago during the final years of the civil Sri Lankan war with the Tamil Tigers.

It was a time I felt absolutely helpless when I encountered mothers and children begging on the streets for food and money and this thought continued to haunt me, so I decided to sponsor a child with World Vision.

World Vision introduced me to Ajith, a young boy from a remote fishing village in Northern Sri Lanka, who along with his family, were completely displaced as the result of the 26 year conflict. Last year I was privileged to travel back to Sri Lanka and meet Ajith at his home village with his family to help celebrate his 16th birthday. It’s a day that I’ll never forget… documentary lyndon smith.mp3

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

In a world where we are totally obsessed about materialistic belongings with the latest fashions, fads and trends, this comes from the heart, meeting Ajith was a totally overwhelming experience that changed my life


Nathan Ryan

Best Newcomer Off-Air

Nova 106.9, Brisbane QLD, Nova Entertainment

How did you get your start?

Like most people in Integration, I began working at Nova as a part of the as a Sandman/Casanova travelling the streets of Brisbane.

From there, I was responsible for various roles at Nova 106.9 which varied from managing survey tactics including Temptation, to managing the bigger breakfast promotions such as Ash, Kip & Luttsy's Hide n Seek World Championships, Bobble Heads in Space, and The World’s Fastest Slip n Slide Event. The two latter promotions were my favourite, a lot of fun to work on and achieved major media coverage.

In February this year I decided to move to Sydney to work at Nova 96.9, to manage workday tactics. After a few months in this role, I moved into the role of Integration Project Manager for Kate, Tim & Marty nationally which I couldn’t be happier about.


Your speech, if you were able to make one…

IIf I was to thank anyone, I’d thank Dee Curtis from Nova 106.9 for believing in me and pushing me to achieve the things I have to date.


Cassie Grentell

Best Promotions Director

Star 104.5, Gosford NSW, Nova Entertainmen

How long have you been working in radio for now?

Starting on the street team I have spent 10 years walking the halls of Star 104.5. Over the years I have been a part of some huge whacky promotions including hosting two day music festivals, giving away thousands, tattooing someone’s bum and just this morning installing a 55cm rat’s tail. I have grown up in the industry and love that my job is always a topic of dinner party conversation. 

So you are up for Best Promotions Director… tell us about your entry?

My entry is all about showcasing the fun we have in radio. It’s not brain surgery and I might not be curing cancer but I am all about making peoples day and reflecting what’s happening the world today. 2014 best promotions director – cassie grentell.mp3

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

I am so grateful for the people I get to share my day with. They are an inspiration and together we are able to push boundaries, create memories and get results. What a way to make a living!

Are You an ACRAs Finalist?
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