All the winners from the 2021 Radio Today Podcast Awards with LiSTNR

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It’s time to find out the winners of the Radio Today Podcast Awards with LiSTNR.

The awards were judged by a panel of over 15 industry experts, and the competition was incredibly tight.

The winners span individual podcasts, producers and hosts, as well as publishers, companies and networks.

Henrik Isaksson from Acast Australia has been crowned Podcast Executive Leader of the Year, while SCA/ LiSTNR’s Nic McClure is Podcast Executive Producer of the Year.

There are also individual winners from Mamamia, Nine and Pro Podcast Production.

ARN’s iHeartRadio, meanwhile, is the Podcast Network/ Platform of the Year, while SCA’s LiSTNR is the Podcast Company of the Year.

Radio Today’s editor and content director, Vivienne Kelly, said it was excellent to have support from across the board, as well as expert judges to help make the tough calls.

“If I’d been in charge of deciding the winners, it would have been an ‘Everybody Gets A Prize’ moment, because I was truly blown away by the quantity – and quality – of submissions. I’m so grateful we had expert judges to really delve into the entries and select some really deserving winners,” she said.

“As someone who boasts a lot of second and third-place ribbons, I really do congratulate the winners and commend them on some really fabulous work in a pretty disastrous year. We can’t wait to bring the awards back in 2022 and to see how much progress the industry makes between now and then.”

And that’s not all.

The winner of the Podcast Thought Leader of the Year Award – ARN’s Corey Layton – will form part of an exclusive panel which will be broadcast on Radio Today’s socials tomorrow.

The panel will also feature Acast’s Guy Scott-Wilson, SCA’s Grant Tothill and NOVA Entertainment’s Rachel Corbett – who was a finalist in Podcast Executive Leader of the Year.

The roundtable will explore the intersection of radio and podcasting and the future of the two sectors.

Questions will include whether the future of radio relies on podcasting, where talent for both mediums will be sourced from – is podcasting a path to radio, or is radio a path to podcasting? – and how the mediums can best serve their audiences and compliment each other.

Everything from regional radio to the ins and outs of the Australian Podcast Ranker is up for discussion and debate.

The livestream will be available on Radio Today and its social channels from 9am on Tuesday, August 3. Watch it here.

The 2021 Radio Today Podcast Awards with LiSTNR are supported by Acast, ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia, NOVA Entertainment, Podshape and Pro Podcast Production.

Individual Categories – Winners

Podcast executive leader of the year
Henrik Isaksson, Acast Australia – WINNER
Jennifer Goggin, Southern Cross Austereo
Rachel Corbett, NOVA Entertainment

Podcast thought leader of the year
Corey Layton, ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia – WINNER
Del Fordham, News Corp Australia
Kellie Riordan, Deadset Studios

Podcast host or presenter of the year
Josh Szeps for Uncomfortable Conversations, Acast – WINNER

Byron Cooke for The Byron Cooke Show, Lock In Radio
Christian O’Connell for Stuff of Legends, ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia

Podcast sales executive of the year
Belinda Cook, Mamamia – WINNER
Michelle Smith, Acast Australia
Teresa Ly, Acast Australia

Podcast executive producer of the year
Nic McClure for The Briefing, Southern Cross Austereo – WINNER

Elise Cooper for The Space / It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, NOVA Entertainment
Ryan Jon for She’s On The Money, She’s On The Money

Podcast series producer of the year
Lap Phan for The Sure Thing by Australian Financial Review, Nine – WINNER

Andrea Thiis-Evensen for Class Act by Herald Sun, News Corp Australia
Gavin Pitchford for I Catch Killers by True Crime Australia, News Corp Australia

Podcast audio producer of the year
Darcy Milne, Pro Podcast Production – WINNER
Darcy Thomson, Southern Cross Austereo
Edward Gooden, The Risk Equation

Organisation Categories – Winners

Podcast company of the year
LiSTNR, Southern Cross Austereo – WINNER

Acast Australia
News Corp Australia

Podcast publisher of the year (major)
NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network, NOVA Entertainment – WINNER
Mamamia Podcasts, Mamamia
News Corp Australia

Podcast publisher of the year (indie)
Schwartz Media – WINNER
Squiz Media

Podcast network/ platform of the year
iHeartRadio Australia, ARN – WINNER
Acast Australia, Acast
LiSTNR, Southern Cross Austereo

Australian podcast of the year
7am, Schwartz Media – WINNER
Squiz Kids, Squiz Media
The Sure Thing by Australian Financial Review, Nine

Branded podcast of the year (Presented by Pro Podcast Production)
Lost at Sea for NSW Police Force by Southern Cross Austereo – WINNER
End Eating Disorders
 for endED by Castco
My Study Journey for TAFE Queensland by Podshape

Radio show podcast of the year
The Kyle & Jackie O Show for The KIIS Network, ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia – WINNER
Kate, Tim & Joel podcast for The Nova Network, NOVA Entertainment
Nick, Jess & Ducko for The Hit Network, Southern Cross Austereo

Podcast hardware/ software of the year
Triton Digital for Omny Studio – WINNER

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2 Aug 2021 - 5:09 pm

Nice work DJ Darcy! What a legend!

2 Aug 2021 - 5:25 pm

Congratulations to LISTNR for taking out best podcast company at the 2021 Radio Today podcast awards with LISTNR!

Feels legit.

    2 Aug 2021 - 5:36 pm

    Congratulations on posting the most uninspiring comment of the day!

    2 Aug 2021 - 5:44 pm

    If you are genuinely concerned about commercial conflicts though, let me assure you that was not at play.

    The awards were judged by a panel of experts including SCA’s peers and rivals, as well as industry outsiders. There was also additional oversight from the Radio Today team – and I think this would be the first and only time anyone’s accused me of being a LiSTNR superfan/ in SCA’s pocket.

    The nature of trade media is such that we take money from the very people we write about, criticise and reward. Correlation is not causation.

    You’ll note Schwartz Media was not involved commercially, however took out a number of awards. On the flip side, Podshape was a sponsor, and did not win its category. There are also numerous examples of categories where SCA/ LiSTNR entered, but was beaten by the likes of ARN/ iHeartRadio (see: Podcast Network/ Platform of the Year, for example).

    So, yes, I will agree with the “Feels legit” statement. It does!

    Congratulations to all the deserving winners!

    Vivienne – Radio Today


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