13% should get a seat – Singo

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John Singleton has come out and supported Gina Rinehart's move for board representation at Fairfax Media, controller of the Fairfax Radio Network.

When asked if Rinehart should be offered a board seat, Singleton commented; 

"Fucking oath, if someone owns 13 per cent of the joint they're probably going to want to make money out of it"

"I would think the Roger Corbett (Fairfax Chairman) I know would think someone with 13 per cent should be on the board. I would be staggered if he was against it"

When asked by the SMH who he would support in a battle between Rinehart and Corbett , Singleton said;

''Roger's a friend of mine and I admire what he did with Woolworths, if you had to run Woolworths, I'd have Roger as one, Gina nowhere. If I had to make money out of Fairfax? In business they're both really good business people – as far as Fairfax, I think Roger has [only a small number of shares], Gina has 13 per cent, I'd back Gina.''

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