World’s First Smartphone with built in DAB+

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Source: CNET

LG Electronics has unveiled its new LG Stylus DAB+ device at Radiodays Europe 2016 in Paris.

Developed by LG with The International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG), Commercial Radio Australia has been working closely with the players, as a founding member of the organisation that represents the radio industry globally.

Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia commented: “This is an exciting development for Australian consumers as listening and viewing entertainment, news, music and pictures broadcast via digital radio will use no data, compared to music streaming services which can use more than 2MB of data per minute, depending on the quality settings.”

The 5.7-inch LG Stylus handset featuring the world’s first built-in DAB+ radio, is expected to land on Australia’s shores later this year.

With DAB+ covering 50 million people in 40 countries around the world, anyone with DAB+ enabled smartphone will be able to access more radio channels with DAB+ than traditional FM. Unlike using an app to stream a radio station using data, DAB+ lets users listen to the radio for free with better audio quality with the ability to broadcast pictures and text on screen.



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