“Will I be subjected to this every week?”

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It all started off nicely, but took a turn. Erin Molan, Channel 9 sports reporter and regular on the NRL Footy Show, recently quit after appearing on Kiis with Kyle and Jackie O.

Last week on the show, Kyle and Jackie did their “Getting to Know You” segment but it fast went down a line of questions and comments that Erin wasn’t comfortable with including:

“I noticed that your chest area has got a little bit bigger, just wondering whether you’ve done a boob job recently.”

She answered the caller saying, “That is an incredibly personal question. I’m going to take the fifth on that one and just say I’m happy with my rig how it is. That is a weird opening question.”


You can listen to the entire segment here. https://radiotoday.com.au/music/KyleandJackieOShow-Erin.mp3


During the week the papers continued the story, but Erin Molan was silent on her exit until Thursday night’s Footy Show where she responded to what happened on Kiis and why she quit.

Paul “Fatty” Vautin set up the piece saying that it was  “inappropriate” and the “right decision”.

Erin went on to say, “Totally unrelated.. to every young woman out there and every person out there, you determine your worth and if you feel you’re ever in a situation where you are not being treated with respect or the way you are being treated is not acceptable to you then you have every right to walk away and every right to stand up for yourself”.

You can view Erin’s response online here. Go in about 3 minutes and 5 secs.

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