Wil Anderson: ‘I snapped in SAFM interview’

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Wil Anderson (left) and Ryan ‘Burgo’ Burgess won’t be going out for beers any time soon.

The comedian has revealed in a TOFOP (it stands for Thirty Odd Foot of Podcast) that he snapped in a pre-recorded with the SAFM’s breakfast co-host earlier this year.

Anderson explained: “We’re doing a pretty standard plug for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and then this guy [Burgess] comes on and says he was down at the Rhino room, which is where they do independent comedy in Adelaide.”

“And so this guy, he starts going on about going to the open mic night.”

“[Burgess (right) said] ‘You’d agree with me Wil that there’s some people who shouldn’t be doing comedy?,’ and I was like, ‘No, I don’t.’”

“And I think he said something a bit worse than that because I don’t think I would have reacted to just that, but it was something about how terrible they all were.”

“I said to him: ‘Firstly, they’re trying new material. They’re either new people or trying new material. Without any trial and error you’re not going to get people being good.’”

“’Secondly, it’s an open mic night. What did you think? Like yeah, some of it’s not going to work but don’t go on your highly-paid radio show and complain about people who aren’t getting paid and are taking a risk not being very funny. I mean f*** you.’”

Anderson said he snapped and said: “Oh, so you’ve never had a bad day at work? Why don’t you get your listeners to call in now. Were you great from the start? Give us a call guys and just let us know if there was any time when he (Burgo) started this show that he was sh**.”

In response to Anderson’s comments, Burgess told the Daily Telegraph: “It’s unfortunate Wil felt that way, but let’s look at the positives, I got a shout-out on a Wil Anderson podcast”.

**UPDATE: Burgess has responded to Anderson's rant and broadcast part of the pre-recorded interview on SAFM.

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