Why being an announcer has ‘completely changed’

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Nova 100's morning announcer, Deano (Dean Thomas), has spoken to Fairfax Media and has revealed why he believes being a radio announcer has "completely changed."

''I don't see myself necessarily as a radio guy, I just want to make good material, whatever that may be," he says.

''The people from my generation are doing this sort of stuff and then you get the older generation and it's foreign to them so they're not inclined to do it. It's going in a whole new direction. It's a world of opportunity to do new stuff. That's what I want to do, create a lot of great content.''

''They (his video's) wouldn't look like they're pre-planned because it's quite loose, but with every single thing, I've written it and planned it and done storyboards for it."

''I'm influenced by a lot of stuff I watch. My brothers and sisters are a lot older than me, so my sense of humour started when I was watching The Late Show – Mick Molloy and Tony Martin and those guys. I was exposed to that at a really young age, when I didn't understand a lot of the jokes. But being surrounded by that had a big effect on me.''

Deano did late nights at Nova 937, moved to do national late nights on Nova and now has filled the spot vacated by Dylan Lewis late last year at Nova 100.

But what's next for Deano ?

''I know I'm in the right area but I don't have a goal. I don't sit here and say, 'I want to be doing the breakfast show next year,' or anything like that. I just like being in this creative atmosphere and having access to creative people like I do in Melbourne.''

See a couple of pieces of Deano's video content, stalking Olly Murs here and Gangnam Melbourne Style here.

Read more in The Sydney Morning Herald here.

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