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A month ago, SAFM announced that 2 of their 3 breakfast personalities would not be returning after Survey 6 (see here).

Earlier this week they revealed they would be shaking up the Adelaide breakfast landscape by introducing 2 breakfast shows, not 1.

Editor of Radio Today, Mark Hales, caught up with SAFM's Content Director, Donna Puechmarin, to find out what's going on..

Donna, give us the rundown of what you have starting on SAFM from tomorrow.

It's a completely new offering for Adelaide radio, we're looking at a separate show between 6 and 7 that reflects the habits of Adelaide people and another serving again between 7 and 10.

So the big question is, who will be doing those 2 shifts ?

Between 6 and 7 we have a show we're calling 'The Newsfeed' featuring Rebecca Morse (pictured).

The news feed is designed to get you plugged into everything that happened while you were sleeping. From social, media, news, local news to what's big in Adelaide, it will all be there.

I believe that we all seek to find out what's going on in the world before our day really kicks into action. Certainly won't be talkback, will it be informative ? will it keep people plugged in ? Absolutely.

Rebecca is a good talent. I've heard her recently on SAFM and she sounds much more relaxed than what she ever did reading TV news.

We think she's a huge talent. She's real, she's funny, she's informed and intelligent. She's like our listeners.

The teaser picture you sent out earlier in the week suggested 2 people would be in that show, was that just a cheeky trick ?

Ah well that show will be capably anchored by Ryan Burgess (Burgo) who is currently our morning announcer on SAFM. Ryan has excellent radio savvy and will bring the radio smarts to that show.

Of her new role, Rebecca said…

I am so excited about hosting the Newsfeed, a new show Adelaide listeners can wake up to, to get up to speed with the issues of the day.

I’m obviously a real news junkie and Burgo is obsessed with social media and celebrity gossip so between the two of us we’ll have all the big talking points of the day covered… and have a few laughs at each other’s expense!

** About Rebecca…
– she’s been a journalist for 15 years
– has been the lead anchor of Adelaide’s TEN news for the past 6 years
– she’s won many awards for journalism

So what's happening from 7 to 10 ? You obviously still have Hayley but who will join her ?

She'll be joined by Angus O'Loughlin (pictured). He has spent some time in Adelaide, his dad Mike ‘Locco’ O’Loughlin was legendary in Adelaide radio.

Angus says…..“I figured if my dad could talk for a living so could I”

** About Angus…
– he was raised in Adelaide
– he got his first big on-air break doing breakfast in Tasmania.
– Angus did afternoons at SEA FM on the Sunshine Coast
– he then moved into their Breakfast show where he stayed for 3 years

Is he looking forward to the challenge of doing breakfast in a larger market ?

A more excited young man you've never met (laughs), he's really excited and he's thrown himself into Adelaide life already. He's doing tours around the city, he's a big footy guy so he's looking forward to the Crows (being in the finals). He was actually quite a successful young footballer.

You've told us about the philosophy behind the first show but will the second show be anything different to the usual breakfast offerings ?

While it will follow a slightly more traditional breakfast show / entertainment offering, it's the tone and feel that we're most concerned with. It will never be dumbed down, it will always be relevant to Adelaide.

(It will be) an entertaining breakfast show that starts at 7am (and) will be a show that wakes up when Adelaide is waking up.

And probably not hard to sell to Hayley and Angus to say you don't have to get into work as early as other breakfast shows ?

I suspect there'll be breakfast announcers all around the country going to see their Content Directors saying 'where's our 7am start ??' (laughs)

*** Hear their first breaks here


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