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Following the entertaining catch-up between Fox FM's Matt Tilley and Brad March (starts here), we started thinking about which capital city has the best radio.

Matt told Brad about the perception of rivalry between him and Kyle;

I take great pleasure in the fact that we’ve always had more listeners than him in a smaller city. It just gives me a wry smile that for all his bombastic ways, more people listen to our show without all the hoopla than he has in Sydney.

Melbourne has traditionally had higher cumes across most stations than its Sydney counterparts, does that mean the radio is more compelling?

Brisbane is traditionally the tightest FM market in the country, so what does that say about the landscape there?

And with the exception of one survey, Mix 94.5 has dominated Perth since Noah was a boy, and Triple J performs better in Perth consistently than in any other market. Is there anything to be read into that performance about that market more broadly?

On the talk front, whilst the ABC stations do very well across the country, the commercial talk stations have traditionally under-performed in Brisbane and Perth. Is there a reason for that?

So what do you think?

We'd like you to vote in our poll here and leave your comments with some rationale.

The rationale is important, let's not go down the populist path of 'X market is better because the stations have a universe of 10,000 songs rather than a tight list', this is not about that shallow level of commentary. We're all better than that.

We want to know your thoughts on the calibre of radio, the quality of the talent, the importance of radio (or not) in a particular market. It isn't scientific, but it will be interesting nevertheless.

Which capital city has the best radio in Australia, and why.

Look forward to reading your comments below, and the poll results here.


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