Who do One Direction appeal to?

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One Direction are massive, the level of interest and coverage they are receiving on this Australian visit is extraordinary, not unprecedented, but still extraordinary. 

Radio, particularly CHR, has been all over the band.

There was two (anonymous) comments on Radio Today over the past couple of days regarding One Direction and the volume of airplay they are receiving: these were saying that the band have appeal exclusively for 14 and 15 year old females, and are harmful to all other demographics (see below).

If you agree with those comments (and Radio Today doesn't, for the record) then the Programmers of the Today Network, Nova, the Sea FM's and Stars etc etc have got it badly wrong by playing, and promoting a band with appeal only to teenage girls. How could so many stations therefore make such a bad mistake? Or have they?

So we wanted to throw it open, in particular to Program and Music Directors, but everyone is welcome to comment. As a radio professional, what is your view of the breadth of their appeal or otherwise for your station or group?




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