When We Grow Up: Nicho Hynes and Marlee Silva release new podcast

Cronulla Sharks Dally M winner Nicho Hynes and ABC Sports Reporter Marlee Silva have released their new introspective podcast, When We Grow Up.

The DM Podcasts series explores the lessons the pair have learnt as they worked towards achieving the goals many thought they would not. From the start to now, they kept their younger self at the front of their mind as they worked to make them proud. 

Throughout episodes, the failures and the successes of their journeys are shared, some funny and some heartbreaking.

Special guests ranging from athletes to CEOs will also join the pair to share their own stories of triumph and failure who reflect on what their younger selves would think now. 

“When We Grow Up is a podcast idea Marlee and I have been talking about since 2022, so I’m really excited for it to be out there for people to finally be able to listen. We’ve already had a few chats with some amazing people that have really moved us. We know what they say will really stay with listeners and hopefully bring attention to the causes they’re working on or challenge people to think differently about life,” said Nicho.

“We really want to inspire people with the stories we’re sharing and create some sort of change. I also can’t wait to record our other weekly eps that will have the two of us mucking around a bit more. I think people will see pretty quickly that I like to throw Marlee under the bus and pay her out a fair bit. We have a lot of fun like that and I think people will really like that too.”

Silva said, “I think people feel like they know everything about Nicho because of how he’s told his stories in recent years, but they will love seeing this other side of him too.”

“And even though he’s pretty relentless in his gentle bullying of me, it’s easily the most fun I’ve had in a podcast setting in quite a while!”

Antony Stockdale, founder of DM Podcasts said “On more than one occasion our producers were moved to tears during the creation of this show.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Nicho Hynes and Marlee Silva on this important new podcast. The vulnerable, inspirational meaningful discussions led by one of the best NRL players in the world are sure to captivate and move listeners.”

When We Grow Up can be found wherever you get your podcasts. 

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