What’s the go with hit105’s Stav & Abby?

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Around this time of year many get down to the biz of renewing or renegotiating contracts, chances are hit105’s Stav & Abby are going through the same process about now. But is Abby Coleman is about to jump ship?

After the ACRAs on the weekend, Newscorps Courier Mail printed this morning: “At first, the phone rang hot with stories that Abby and her co-host Stav Davidson were being boned from the station, not to return on Monday.

“Those rumours then became that they were not renewing their contracts for 2016 and a new breakfast line-up was to be announced.”

They also then go on to talk about Abby making a jump from SCA to Nova Entertainment with Nova106.9. That’s never happened before right?  Remember when Camilla Sevari, then with b105 crossed over for a short-lived run with Kip and Luttsy on Nova?

The Courier Mail spies also tell of Abby being photographed with a couple of members of the NE crew, including Kattie Mattin and Lutsy. Kattie also happens to be wife of Jay Walkerden, the GM/PD of Nova.

But here’s thing, who wasn’t photographed with someone from another network over the weekend? It was the ACRAs after all.

Push comes to shove, Radio Today spoke to Hit Network Group CD Dave Cameron on the Abby rumours, “It’s news to me Abby not wanting to continue with SCA, so I suspect it’s our competitors playing silly gossip games which I have no interest in responding to”.

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