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Yesterday we reported on Amber Petty, who has come out and had a blast at Southern Cross Austereo after the Bruno Bouchet incident. Read it here

Now Wendy Harmer has had her say on Petty's remarks and reminisced on other past radio promotions in 'The Hoopla'

"Cripes! At the risk of sounding like being in the demo for an easy-listening radio station… who took the fun out of the FM breakfast shift?

As a presenter on Sydney’s 2DAY FM “Morning Crew” show with Peter Moon and Paul Holmes for 11 years between 1993-2004, sure we concocted our share of tacky and wacky stunts.

But I can say, hand on heart, that we never, at any time, coerced a member of the team into faking their own death for ratings."

Wendy has "looked back at what passed for fun in the olden days."

They included :-

  • Crunch a Cockie – eat a live cockroach for State of Origin tickets
  • Live in it and win – a group of people living in a 4WD, last one out wins it
  • Grab a Million Dollars – Wendy gives an interesting behind the scenes look at this promotion
  • Come on down for an an icy cold can of Coke

She also talks about her involvement in the famous radio promotion, "Two Strangers and a Wedding", which made news all around the world.

"As I say, during an 11-year stint you can do some pretty ridiculous stuff. However, nothing I am ashamed of", says Wendy

You can read Wendy Harmer's article in The Hoopla – see it in full here.

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