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Weekend at 'Broadies'

The Dene Broadbelt saga continues with him confirming that he is in fact “not dead”.

Broadbelt, speaking to the Ulladulla Times newspaper, denied that he was responsible for the fake email falsely claiming that he had died at the weekend saying that it was written by a former work experience student at 2DU/Zoo FM in Dubbo.

He went on to deny that he was a conman, although admitted to having run up massive debts. Broadbelt told the newspaper:

“I made a mistake when I was younger, I racked up a few debts, it came to $250,000. There was no option other to declare myself bankrupt.”

When asked why he uses multiple names, Broadbelt offered the following explanation;

Dene 'I'm not dead' Broadbelt“I have changed my name because I have been receiving death threats. My name at present, licensed through Births, Deaths and Marriages, is Harrison O’Connor.”

“In April 2014, because of all these stories – I was receiving death threats and so was my mum and my grandparents – they urged me to change my name, which is now Harrison O’Connor”.

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, Broadbelt denied that he had tried to set up a real estate agency in Victoria:

“I have completed a diploma in real estate, I came down looking to get into the real estate industry, to move on with my life (now) I will have to wait for the bankruptcy to clear and hopefully people will let me move on with my life and I will get a job in retail or something.”

Broadbelt said that he felt sympathy for the victims of his scams, saying; 

“Yeah. But the majority of them, 99 per cent have accepted it and there is no more that they can do”.

You can read Broadbelts full interview here.

Despite Broadbelts denial that he had tried to set up a Real Estate Agency, the following advertisement on Seek.com.au would seem to indicate otherwise.

The mobile number in the ad is Broadbelt’s, and the name used Harrison Eyles is one of Broadbelt’s known psuedonym’s.


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