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You might have noticed we have been having some regular 'off-lines' over the past 3-weeks or so. Firstly, we apologise. It's not good enough, it's embarrassing, and trust us when we say we're all over it and we hate it.

We thought we'd take the time to explain what is happening, as best we know.

Our previous hosting company were unable to handle the traffic spikes we get, not so much our regular traffic, but the spikes on survey day, or when a big story is occurring, given that we moved to a larger, more robust hosting provider.

Unfortunately, since we did so, despite our expectation it would solve all of those issues, it has not been good. We have had more offlines, often multiple times in a day. Frankly, it's a nightmare.

So we're in that process of trying to ensure they can provide the robust service we pay for, we expect and you require. We want to get it solved one way or the other fast. Given it's become such an issue, we felt we needed to give you some background.

But we're onto it, and hope for a 'fix' quickly. In the meantime please accept our apologies.

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