#WarOnTerrier: It’s Over, Kyle in the clear

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Back in May, Kyle had a fair crack at Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce over the Ministers comments that hit world stage over Johnny Depp’s dogs.

Kyle and Jackie O had the minister on for a chat and it fast turned into fair rant between the two of them. Barnaby then made a complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This arvo, ACMA dismissed the complaint against Kyle Sandilands, saying: “ACMA concludes that the material, in this context and as broadcast, did not breach the decency provisions of the Codes.”

Kyle was also cleared for the way he handled Barnaby as guest on the show with ACMA stating: “The licensee did not breach the provision that deals with the treatment of participants in live hosted entertainment programs [code 9.1(a)] of the Codes.”

Kyle was in clear for using the word “wanker” with the findings defining its use in black and white:

“While most of the language used by Mr Sandilands in the segment was not offensive or indecent within the context of a robust debate, the use of the term ‘wanker’, particularly when directed at another person, requires further consideration. The Macquarie Dictionary (6th edition) defines the word as:

Noun Colloquial (taboo)

1. Someone who masturbates.
2. A foolish or objectionable person.
3. A self-indulgent or egotistical person .


The ACMA accepts the licensee’s submission that the use of the word was not sexual in nature. In this case it was used consistent with the second and third definitions above.

“While the ACMA has previously acknowledged that the word may be considered offensive or coarse by some members of the community , in this case it is considered that the program’s regular listeners would understand the word is used in the ‘Australian vernacular’.”

You can read for the full ACMA findings and report here or alternatively re-live the chat it all it’s glory below:

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