Victorian mother of two takes home $70K on smooth Stars

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A single mother of two has won $70,700 after correctly guessing all four voices on Smooth Stars: The Hollywood Edition.

Bev from Belton in Victoria was overcome with emotion when smoothfm drive announcer Byron Webb confirmed the final voice as actor Michael Fassbender.

“I’ve played this game for so long,” Bev told Webb on-air yesterday. “I’ve only ever got a few people right and never been able to get through. I can’t believe it!”

Bev becomes the 32nd major winner of the smooth Stars competition series which has now given away over a million dollars.

To mark the occasion, Bev is planning to take a trip to Disneyland with her two sons Logan and Teakin. As a single mum, she hasn’t been able to arrange travel plans with the kids.   

Along with Fassbender, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Caine and Jennifer Lopez were the other star voices heard throughout the competition.  

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Hello Bev
15 Aug 2017 - 5:33 pm

This lady is famous in Melbourne as being one of the biggest prize professionals in the business. Only a few months ago she had a huge party thrown for her son by Fox. I’m pretty sure she was given a holiday on that occasion too? It’s a pity when these professionals keep taking these big prizes from other listeners and show no loyalty. Oh well, nice work if you can get it.

21 Nov 2017 - 8:16 pm

Dear annonomous commenter- Ummm….professional?? Are you living on another planet. Clearly you don’t know a thing about me or my family. You don’t know what I do on a daily basis. I certainly don’t fall under the ‘professional job banner’!!
I listening most mornings to fox fm. They did not run a competition, it was merely a question that if your child had been left out to call the station.
I NEVER normally call when topics are brought up, but this was different! It was a topic that our family live through on a daily basis!
I DID NOT enter a competition to win my son a birthday party.
It was more then just a party, we were raising awareness for exclusion and children feeling alone! I have listened to fox fm for many many years.
I started listening to smooth fm of an afternoon when they launched the station and have been a listener ever since! Actually I listen to all stations, not for competitions, I listen because I actually like radio and the radio personalities!
As for professional, I love the fact that I’m well known (to you lol) for winning things, and that you are so concerned about what I enter.
I’ll have you know that on a daily basis I care for my 2 sons, yes one has special needs. It’s extremely exhausting but I wouldn’t change my ‘professional job’ for the world. If that means tuning into the radio and entering a competition or 2 I’m guilty, but to act as though I’m not a genuine person, and I’m given bigger prizes, you have no idea how many times I’ve entered ‘big comps’ in the hope that I win something and I never do.
Maybe enter as many times as I do in and you may have some luck also!
All the best with your comping!


13 Jan 2018 - 8:37 am

Calm down


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