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Every station has it.

But what do you do with it?

Unsold Airtime.



Here is something new that has hit the market. Jettison Inventory is a system that sells unsold airtime for radio and other media.

It has been launched in the UK, the Middle East and most recently in South Africa, Jettison Inventory is our doorstep.

If you think about Facebook and what it did for connecting with friends, it was a new technology that changed the space. Jettison found a better way for radio stations to communicate with their clients instantly.

Craig Collette told RadioToday a little more about the system saying:

“With so much revenue being traded through on-line platforms, we saw an opportunity for radio to be faster to market and more engaged with their customers.”

“The new media client now spends more time on their smart phone than any other device, so we envisaged a way to communicate airtime deals directly via the client’s smartphone.”

In you have been in sales, you have possibly been part of that mad monthly rush of phoning a heap a clients with some deal to try and make your revenue targets and use up the unsold airtime – that’s a lot of man hours sitting on the phone in the office.

Jettison allows complete control of how and who you want to market a deal too. The market these days is more short term in bookings, Jettison taps into that in real time.  

What about if they are a new client with no credit history with a station?

“If they are not accredited with the station, they can pay direct via credit card within the app“

“The client can purchase the desired airtime then and there with no need for any further communication, all relevant parties are sent an automated summary email.”

In Australia Rhys Holleran at SCA see’s great potential in this evolving technology and SCA is the first major network in Australia to use the Jettison Inventory system.

The web based Jettison app is also being trailed in print, television and recreational type businesses.

You can find out more about Jettison Inventory  here.


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