Two former radio insiders launch The Quicky Podcast

Left: Elle Beattie, Executive Producer. Middle: Claire Murphy, Host/Podcast Producer. Right: Ian Camilleri, Audio Producer.

Mamamia has just launched a new daily podcast, promising to tackle the news cycle in a different way, offering a unique viewpoint of the “big issues”.

The Quicky is hosted by former 5MU presenter and newsreader Claire Murphy, who’s relocated from Adelaide to take on the project.

Working with former Kate, Tim & Marty producer Ellie Beattie and former Channel 10 audio producer Ian Camielleri, Murphy admits it’s been a big learning curve.

“A shift from radio to podcasting isn’t a giant leap as far as skills go but you do need to switch off from that urgency and relentless need to be first that you do in radio.

“Now we have the gift of time to get into the good stuff and explore the things that, in the daily churn of news stories, you’re supposed to know everything about already.

The Quicky for me is like being the first kid down to the tree at Christmas, we’re unwrapping so many interesting topics and we get to do it every day!”

Mamamia’s head of podcasts Rachel Corbett says their project delivers the news in an engaging, deep-diving into topics that will resonate with the audience.

“The news cycle is often delivered with the masculine focus of ‘if it bleeds it leads’. It can also be impersonal and assumes a lot of knowledge, leaving you feeling like you’ve turned up to a conversation ten minutes late and are trying to catch up.

“We want to help women fill that knowledge gap and keep up to date in a more engaging and conversational way, without the anxiety that much of the news cycle deliberately triggers.”

The Quicky drops today (Monday) with new episodes released each morning at 6am.

Subscribe to The Quicky here or in your favourite podcast app.

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