#Twitterbeef – Ben and Liam v Osher Günsberg

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Seasoned radio and television host Osher Günsberg fired a shot at young new kids on the block Ben and Liam from Adelaide youth community station Fresh 92.7.

The boys Liam 19 and Ben 22 have a segment called Twitter Beef, where they tweet well known celebrities. So far they have tried Donald Trump, Christopher Pyne, Kanye West, Vegans and James Blunt.

They tweeted Osher: “Hey Andrew G, loved your work on Master chef mate”.

It’s well known he is now prefers to be called by his real birth name Osher Günsberg. Clearly Osher wasn’t impressed, he tweeted back  “@BrekkieBadBoys thanks heaps Hamish. ( Say hi to Andy for me )”.

Was Osher confused or just not being very friendly towards the young new Adelaide community radio duo?

The boys naturally would have taken it as a huge compliment to be mistaken for or accused of sounding like radio superstars Hamish & Andy.

Ben and Liam can be heard on Adelaide’s Fresh 92.7 breakfast Monday to Friday 6am to 9am.



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