Twitter Celebrates Ten Years

The world learned a lot about itself via Twitter in the past 10 years.

From government officials using Twitter for public service announcements, to hashtags sending charity campaigns (#icebucketchallenge) and feminist demonstrations (#liberated) viral, to live broadcasts for radio station, brands and artists on Twitter-owned Periscope, the platform is an important tool which has changed the way we access and distribute information.

Locally, Twitter users decided on the Best Australian Live Act ARIA Award for the first time last November; this year Twitter Australia’s Jennie Sager made global headlines as the mastermind behind the now globally-adopted Blue Room. The media and music fans’ infatuation with the platform has kept its user base growing, making it one of the fastest and most accurate resources for spreading news. In fact, Twitter now has 320 monthly active users, catching up to Facebook-owned Instagram, which has around 400m.

Today the platform celebrates its 10th anniversary; marked each year by Founder Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet on March 21 2006: ‘just setting up my twttr.

Speaking to  Jonathan Harley, Director of Media, Twitter Australia describes Twitter as “the 21st century fan club for music fans.”

“Whether you’re a @CodySimpson devotee, a member of the #5SOS family, an @ACDC tragic, or a fan of @TroyeSivan, you can get closer to the artists you love and people who share your passions on Twitter.

“Last year we witnessed Australian band @5SOS take Twitter and the world by storm, experiencing global success and international stardom,” he added.

“In fact, Australia’s Golden Tweet of 2015 (the most-Retweeted Tweet from an Australian) was by band member Michael Clifford (@Michael5SOS) when he Tweeted a photo of his bandaged face after walking into a pyrotechnics display during a @5SOS gig in London.”

Harley told TMN that Twitter, like many social networks and digital services, is now looking to further invest in the video space.

“The use of the platform by music artists and fans around the globe is constantly evolving as we continue to make Twitter even easier to use for everyone, particularly content creators,” he said. “We are focusing on enhancing video content, and our live streaming app Periscope, and looping video app Vine, are two great examples of our investment in this space.”

The NY Post has reported Twitter, along with Facebook, has approached programmers to discuss how it would go about streaming conventional TV programming.

“All of a sudden, Facebook and Twitter are trying to get in the tent with us,” one programmer told The Post. “They’re each arguing their attributes and why aligning with them is to our advantage.”

The most pressing question in either platform gaining those rights however, is how they would allow content creators to make as much money as they are with platforms like Netflix.

Below is an insight into some of the most iconic moments from the past 10 years, including Twitter’s most retweeted Tweet, Most popular hashtag, Most Followed Person (Katy Perry), the 10 most prominent Australian users, and the Top 10 local events that made global news.

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